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I can't speak enough kind words about this couple! Madison and John are the BEST to be around. They are constantly laughing! I felt as if we had known each other forever! 

Madison happens to be my mom's, best friend's niece. Did you follow that? I met Madison YEARS ago when we both were little nuggets and found social media a great way to keep up with each others lives! I sat down with John and Madison during their session to get to know them. I couldn't help but smile right along with them as they talked and joked with each other. They have the most infectious smiles. 

John told me that he served in our military and spent time overseas. When coming home, John was in a severe car accident that nearly ended his life. He spent a lot of time in the hospital and in rehab trying to regain normal day to day function. He and Madison met shortly after his recovery and have journeyed together through some of the rehab and struggles. When you see them together, you can tell they were meant to be. You can quite literally feel the love they have for each other. They have such a joy for life and have agreed to make every moment matter. 

My hope is that we all do that. You never know what your journey will be. So make the most of every moment you have. Take the time to love your partner, family and friends unconditionally and with an overwhelming joyous love like Madison and John have. When you see these pictures, my prayer is that you learn from their smiles. Learn from their love and carry that inspiration with you. I challenge you to live every moment with joy and gratitude. 











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Ashly + Steven: In Home Session https://juliannastephensphotography.com/blog/2018/7/ashly-steven-in-home-session FIRST BLOG EVER Y'ALL!!!

What better way to start this blog than with these cuties! 

Steven and Ashly just got married in June (!!!!! YAY MARRIAGE !!!!!)! They are the PERFECT couple. So sweet, caring, and SO FUNNY! They truly do compliment each other perfectly. We spent an hour or so in their first home together! (Some of those minutes were me standing in their closet, trying to get a cool shot) We talked about their plans for the home, plans for their big honeymoon adventure, and plans for a future family. These two have such a big life ahead of them. They both still have that "newlywed" glow, and honestly I don't know that it will ever fade for them.

Steven and Ashly have endured so much together. I think when you are with someone during your toughest days, you learn to be raw and experience a vulnerability that you never thought possible. In turn, your relationship can grow IMMENSELY. You can choose to shut down or open up. In their case, you can tell they both chose to trust and embrace each other. You can see it in the way they talk and laugh with each other. I love that. I love being able to capture those moments. Not just for business purposes, but also so that others can be encouraged. 

These two have so much to teach others. Whether its relationship related, faith based, or just how to throw a GREAT party. So thankful for friends like these two! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


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